May 24, 2013

A Little Sparkle

Happy Friday and Happy Holiday Weekend!

In the south this weekend seems to be a kick off for summer – so glad it’s here. I always associate summer holidays with fun on the water and fireworks. It only seems appropriate to end our week of favorite exits with one that ties in to this first “summer” holiday weekend….while fireworks may be a bit out of most budgets, sparklers are a great option! They are a reasonably priced, exciting way to leave your party and your guests will thoroughly enjoy the activity. Please be sure to have a responsible party in charge of distributing and cleaning up.

We’ll leave you for the weekend with some beautiful photographs of sparklers lighting up the skies for the newlyweds……

exit - kauleen and david

Exit catherine and gene

exit keller and brent

Exit Nicole and mike

exit stephanie and brian

A big thanks to the following photographers for capturing these images: astrid and rene photography, Becca Price Photography, Erin Rene Photography, and Jade + Matthew Take Pictures


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