May 29, 2013

That Beautiful Bouquet

Most brides have a very clear image of the bouquet they will carry down the aisle, but the plan for that bouquet after the wedding isn’t always so clear.

Taking your flowers to be preserved or hanging the bouquet upside down in a dark closet is a good start. Once the bouquet is dried it can be placed in a shadow box with your invitation and other wedding keepsakes or you can place the bouquet under a simple glass dome to display in your home. If your bouquet isn’t one that will keep its beauty by drying, try taking some of the petals from the bouquet and putting them in a glass ball ornament to hang on your Christmas tree.

If you are looking for a unique way to hold on to your bouquet you will love this find….Petals Into Bangles. They take flowers from your wedding and incorporate them on a bracelet. Such a neat idea!! Below is a peek at one of their bangles, but be sure to check out their site.


Saving Flowers - petals into bangles


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