June 4, 2013

Flavors Galore

Although a white cake may come to your mind as the classic wedding cake flavor, there are now endless flavor options available. You can pick your favorite  cake flavor, add  a yummy filling in the middle, and top with a decadent icing. From red velvet, to carrot cake, cheesecake, pound cake, or strawberry….the list goes on and on.

Interested in a classic white cake, but want to add a little flair? Try soaking it in Chambord, adding a raspberry cream filling between layers, and topping with a buttercream icing. If you are having a hard time deciding on the perfect combination check with your bakery, it’s possible to have each layer a different flavor.

You may be wondering which flavor is winning in popularity these days….Chocolate! With that in mind we had to share this picture of one of our beautiful bride’s, Deedra, sneaking a taste of her cake made by the talented Pam Vickers.

cake - chocolate - deedra and john

Thanks to Meghan Cavanaugh for the great picture!


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