June 24, 2013

Updated Guest Books

Happy Monday! We hope everyone enjoyed the weekend.

With all the excitement on your wedding day it may be a difficult to remember all your loved ones that came to support you, especially years down the road. Having a guest book helps trigger your memory and is always fun to look through and reminisce. This week we are going to shy away from the standard, lined-paged, white book and share creative ways to incorporate a “guest book” into your wedding.

Today’s idea is great for destination weddings….a book on the city of your wedding location. This allows your guests to write you a message rather than just signing their name. It also gives the guests and the newlyweds a chance to learn more about the city as it is being signed or read after the honeymoon! Here’s an example from one of our recent weddings….

guest book ideas - savannah book - iphone pic

Be sure to check back tomorrow for another idea!


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