July 5, 2013

don’t bother the bride…..

As the bride you may feel it is necessary to be the main contact person for all questions and issues of your wedding guests. This is where we come into play and remind you that you are the bride and need to enjoy your wedding weekend! The location you choose to prepare for your big day should be a nice, relaxing setting, not one that resembles Grand Central Station with everyone trying to get in touch with you.

We came across this great idea to include in welcome bags or to send out with the rehearsal dinner information and had to share. The title at the top speaks for itself – Please Call Anyone but the Bride. On this list be sure to include the contact number for your planner, maid of honor, parents of bride and/or groom, and any other vendors you feel necessary. Here’s a visual:


Design and Photography by Brooke Courtney Photography from Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Enjoy the weekend!



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