July 30, 2013

a proper invitation

As the popularity of electronic communication increases, it may be tempting to use one of these methods of contact for all your communication needs. As fans of old fashion “snail mail” and handwritten thank you notes, we are also firm believers in printed party and wedding invitations. With all the beautiful options for invitations, choosing the perfect one to set the tone for your event should be an enjoyable experience! The stress may come once the choice has been made….invitation etiquette. Whose names should be on the invitation, how do you address for a couple not married, is a reception card necessary, and when is an invitation to a destination wedding sent?? It can become a little overwhelming! Luckily, there are many books (such as this one) and articles (such as this one) to help answer any and all questions that arise.


Thanks to Martha Stewart Weddings for today’s image.


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