August 14, 2013

the number in your party

While the average number of bridesmaids the past year was 4 to 5, the number in your wedding party is strictly a personal preference. There are some couples who prefer to stand alone at the alter and others requesting their twenty closest friends by their sides. Either option, or any number in between, is perfectly fine and understandable. If one cousin is included the four others may need to be added to avoid hurt feelings, while some may decide not to get involved with hurt feelings and nix the wedding party all together. Having your favorite crew with you as you prepare for the big event makes the prepping even more enjoyable, but keep in mind you can always invite your favorite girls for champagne while you are primping for your walk down the aisle even if they won’t be joining in the walk!

While we fully support each couple choosing the size of wedding party that suits them, we aren’t quite sure how you’d get this entire wedding party, including 80 bridesmaids, yes you read correctly, 80, down the aisle! Be sure to check out this story from London!

Since pictures make everything better, here are a few of our brides with their selected maids – Enjoy!




A big thanks to DVB Photographers, Mark Williams Studio, and Denise Gonsales for these beautiful images!


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