October 17, 2014

Be a Cheerleader for your Wedding!

About a week after my engagement the questions and commentary began pouring in from family, friends, and those who caught the news via social media. I’m sure Posh brides can relate to the following kindhearted interrogations: “So, where will the wedding take place?” “Did you set a date?” “Of course, you must have set a date.” “How did he propose?” “Are there any photos of the proposal?” “There must be video footage, right?” “Do you have a registry?” “You certainly need dishes and home goods.”


Moments after my happy face was snapped, chaos ensued.

Step 1: Put it in the Paper.

When I was younger and had yet to appreciate great journalism, I always resisted my mother’s attempts to push the morning paper toward my bowl of lucky charms. Avoiding inky fingers, I would quickly open to the section where all the happy engagement and wedding announcements were posted. I loved looking at the ecstatic faces of couples entangled in their romantic photos and reading the brief captions about the future plans of each bride and groom.

This past year JB’s mother submitted our engagement announcement in his hometown paper. It’s always exciting to spot high school classmates who are newly engaged or married. If you do choose to announce your engagement in the local paper, make sure to buy one too many copies. I plan on saving my announcements for a future wedding scrapbook. I can also imagine passing a copy to my grandchildren years down the road #futuretripping.


Buy and save multiple copies of your announcement!

Step 2: Build a wedding website.

As you can tell, after almost a year of being engaged I am still floating on a cloud. If asked, or even unprovoked, I will joyfully recite my engagement story on the spot. Although the repetition rarely gets old, it’s always nice to have the details accessible on a wedding website! Think of your site as a home for your engagement story and all upcoming plans. I recommend TheKnot.com as the template. The Knot will quickly become every bride’s complimentary wedding assistant to help stay organized, on budget and on time. Here, brides will find checklists, vendors and even inspiration boards for those posh brides who pin anything and everything wedding themed.

Once you and the hubby-to-be have selected the venue (check out my recent post for tips) invest a little time personalizing your wedding website. I like to think of mine as the virtual cheerleader for our wedding; it’s a reliable source, which covers the engagement story, wedding plans, and all the necessary details that family and friends must know in preparation for the big day. Brides can even omit sections that do not apply or have not yet been finalized. My favorites include a countdown to the big day, details of the venue, and of course, the photo album and links, which invite visitors to relive that snowy December day when I said “Yes!”

Step 3: Create a registry.

Although registering for wedding and engagement gifts can be time consuming, once the boxes start arriving at your doorstep, you will be forever grateful. I didn’t realize the necessity of scanning so many of the items on the list until the day I moved to Savannah and unpacked my first set of pots and pans. With the proper tools, I no longer had an excuse to avoid the kitchen.

Here are a few recommendations to ease the wedding registry process…

Whether you register at Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s or Belk, bring the groom along and SHARE the scanning device:

At first, JB and I were on completely different paths in Bloomingdale’s. I was headed right toward the soft monogrammed robes, while JB had vanished into the aisle of blenders, coffee makers, and shall we say the more practical items on the list. If you both have scanners and wish to wander, a potential conflict is easily avoided. While your groom may take a turn toward sturdy luggage, you can remain content in the bedding section selecting the fluffiest pillows and perfectly printed blankets. You might also wish to scan some decorative pieces such as serving platters, candlesticks, vases, and frames.


This love dish was a must.

Don’t forget to buy the basics:

Although I will cherish my newly gifted butterfly pitcher, crystal vase, and poetic dish, I am continuously grateful for the set of Bernardaud dishes we use everyday along with our pots and pans.

Keep track of every single delivery:

The most tedious aspect of the bridal registry is unpacking and checking the condition and quantity of each purchase. Since gifts on the registry are often fragile, it is important to inspect each shipment for cracks, unforeseen chips, and the occasional mix-up. JB and I spent an entire afternoon inside wrapping and rewrapping our shiny new set of dishes before loading everything into a moving truck. From New Jersey all the way to Georgia, our dishes arrived in perfect condition. Make sure to bring patience and bubble wrap.


Count your purchases as they arrive!

Take a step back and evaluate your selection:

Good news brides: there’s always time to change your mind. Sometimes when surrounded by endless possibilities, the scanner will get the best of you. It was not until JB and I moved to Savannah, that we realized the gold bedding originally selected at Bloomingdale’s did not match the style of our new, ultra modern apartment. Luckily, we were able to switch the color scheme along with other impulsive purchases. After all, how many picture frames do you really need? Thankfully the registry accommodates adding and deducting items as the bride and groom see fit. Friends and family who visit your webpage can easily locate the registry. With a few straightforward clicks they will be able to select the item(s) of your choice for purchase.

Step 4: Count your blessings!

Keep a running list of all gifts as they arrive. After each gift is recorded, take out a Thank You card and send it away! Handwritten notes are always appreciated.


The lovebirds say it all!

Lastly, for inspiration and motivation to get started, visit the Sarah and JB wedding webpage (still a work in progress).


PS) Yes, the proposal was captured on video!


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