October 20, 2014

It’s Those Little Bridal Things…

Happy Monday! I hope Posh brides will read this post and take a few minutes to “smell the roses” even in the midst of crazy planning. Let’s have a look at some of those little bridal things (both people and accessories) on my mind this week.

Before JB and I finalized our list of bridesmaids and groomsmen, we knew one little guy would have a particularly important and memorable role in our ceremony.

Our adorable cousin will be walking down the aisle on our big day presenting the sparkly gems as a ring bearer. The ring bearer’s clever mommy thought about bribing her son with a chocolate milkshake, should he make it to the bride and groom with both rings. Whatever gets a three-year-old down the aisle, right?

Unfortunately, as for a flower girl, my baby cousin will still be too young to walk with petals in hand. As I thought about my ceremony, I had a flashback to my cousins wedding where I was the little flower girl. I vividly remember the thrill of dressing up in the same room as the beautiful bride, and walking down the aisle with a fresh basket of flowers. Years later, I truly believe it’s the little people who add charm to every wedding.

I also remember the moment right before the wedding assistant gave me those big scary eyes, which meant it was my cue. I definitely contemplated backing out, not fully understanding the importance of my role and all my family members who would surely shower me with smiles and praise after my walk of fame. Thank goodness for mom and dad cheering from the sidelines. On my wedding day, I will remind myself that even flower girls and ring bearers get cold feet! Also, I will definitely have a milkshake waiting at the end of the aisle.

kid pic

Flower girl before bride, circa 2000.

Will he say “yes?”

I believe every member of the ceremony should be courted. The bride definitely initiates the trend of saying “yes.” As for my little ring bearer, I hope he will accept the position. But how should brides pop the question to little ones? Although they don’t need diamonds, it might be helpful to bring along some gifts. I plan on asking my cousin with a glittery card, some sweets, and the distraction of Stella, my mini Chihuahua (who will also be part of the ceremony).


Proposing to the ring bearer might look a little something like this (card + tiny dog = YES!)

Say yes to the dress- ring bearer edition.

I recently finished the fun (and slightly dramatic) task of selecting the perfect bridesmaid dress. I shall spare those details for an upcoming post. Regarding ring bearers, I have seen quite a few dressed in mini tuxedos; this particular style usually includes fancy shorts, long socks, and a vibrant bow tie to compliment the color scheme of the wedding. After the ceremony my cousin will have a quick wardrobe change, transforming from a ring bearer to ring security. He’s on duty all night.

ring bearer

Security for the reception!

Photo Credit: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/510877151452823538/

We know what the flower girl always carries, but what’s the proper accessory for the ring bearer?

On a recent trip to Europe, my grandmother spotted a bridal treasure in a city known for specializing in lace. The charming store was called Madam Mim in Bruges, Belgium. When my grandmother inquired about lace accessories for a bride, the shop owner brought out a beautiful antique pillow, which had been used during wedding ceremonies for countless years. I was particularly drawn to the incredible details on the pillow. There are two perfect bows to secure the wedding bands of both the bride and groom. Delicate pearls are sewn throughout the lace. This pillow provides the most magnificent touch of something old to accompany the ring bearer down the aisle. I also love the simple historical fact that so many brides and grooms have received their bands on this very same pillow. I will cherish this antique on my wedding day and pass it down to future brides.


Take a look at the bows, delicate lace, and pearl accents. (This bride adores pearls, can you tell?)

Who will you choose as a flower girl and ring bearer? Popping the question to little ones is certainly less daunting than the challenge of asking bridesmaids and groomsmen to participate in your ceremony. Once your little ones says “yes,” start searching for adorable outfits and accessories to compliment their walk down the aisle.

Although it’s inevitable for brides to get caught up with the big decisions (venue, dress, bridal party, etc.), it’s those little bridal people and things that capture the most smiles. I will always remember my walk down the aisle as a flower girl. The next flower petals I follow will lead me to my groom!

As a Posh Petals and Pearls blogger I can’t help but keep my eyes and ears open for brides anywhere and everywhere I venture. This past weekend I was back in New York City with the mother of the bride, when we spotted the most gorgeous couple outside of The New York Palace just moments before their ceremony. I snapped a picture for inspiration.


There are three fabulous details about this picture:

  • the famous venue.
  • the princess dress.
  • the way the groom is staring at his stunning bride.

~Written with love and inspiration from NYC~


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