October 24, 2014

Make a Hair Plan, #dontwingit

After purchasing my dream dress, I immediately started to imagine how my hair would look and photograph on the big day. There are endless possibilities, many of which I have seen on gorgeous brides both in person and on Pinterest. Let’s kick off the weekend with a few thoughts for brides who are also contemplating how their hair should fall from the big reveal all the way to the last dance.

Should a bride’s hair change from the ceremony to the reception? Is a bold updo elegant or too edgy? Are extensions really necessary? Only runway models can pull off the side braid, right?

Whatever posh brides ultimately decide, let’s try to avoid this calamity…


Go easy in the tanning bed and keep a close eye on your colorist #bridewars

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When you are a bride, there is no such thing as too many consultations.

During a recent hair appointment in New York City, I brought along a picture of the dress. Although I vowed that my mother would be the only one to see the gown before the wedding, I advise letting your salon in on the big secret. With the help of a photo, your stylist can share their artistic vision with you.

Is the back of your dress open? Is there illusion? My hair stylist was able to look at my dress and create a personalized glam plan for the big day. First word: extensions! Second word: trial!



Trial #1 in progress.

After speaking with my stylist, I learned that there are various types of hair and several methods for securing extensions.

In the past few years I have attended two family weddings where both stunning brides wore extensions. Although different types of locks, both brides achieved the sought after Rapunzel hair. Their stylists were able to master the art of extensions so that the additional hair was indistinguishable from the strands that were natural.

One of the two brides chose to clip in beautiful locks, a process that took place on the day of her wedding. Although the clips were inserted hours before the ceremony, the bride had several meetings with her stylist to make sure the length and color was appropriate. Ultimately, she looked flawless in every picture and the clips lasted throughout the entire affair, after which they were easily removed.

The other stunning bride decided to have her extensions bonded with her natural hair a few weeks before the wedding. Her hair held perfectly for the affair, honeymoon, and well into her first few months as a “Mrs.”

As a bridesmaid, I was lucky enough to stand right behind the bride during the ceremony, mesmerized by both my cousin’s hair and the romantic vows exchanged with her groom.

unnamed copy 2

My gorgeous cousin wearing extensions, which lasted nearly six months.

(fun fact: this beautiful bride will be a bridesmaid in my wedding!)

With much needed guidance from my salon, I have learned that extensions are an ideal solution to add volume, length, texture, and a little bit of drama to your current hairstyle. Even if brides opt for the updo, sometimes having a little bit more hair to work with enhances the overall look. Once the hair plan is complete, brides may even consider extending their lashes (stay tuned for a dedicated makeup post).

Save experimentation for another day, #dontwingit.

Even if you truly trust your stylist, it is imperative for every bride to know exactly how their hair will look long before wedding day. Have you ever visited a salon and asked for a trim, only to leave wondering where all of your hair went? There are very few surprises welcome on a brides wedding day, and I’m confident none of them are beauty related. If brides do choose extensions, I recommend visiting the salon three to four months in advance to select the desired type of hair, length and color.


I left my consultation with a few looks to contemplate.

Consider a little bedazzle. 

After recently meeting Rachel, a fellow bride-to-be in Savannah who is also in planning mode, I fell in love with her idea to accent her updo. Rachel showed me some amazingly detailed hairpieces for brides to consider once their dresses have been chosen.

While strolling Broughton Street earlier this week, I found chic and affordable headbands for the big day. Fab’rik offers a collection of pieces designed by Pink Pewter available in an array of accents, colors, and beads. Even after the celebration is over, brides can jazz up a pair of leggings or perhaps a cocktail dress with a token of style from their big day. My favorite bridal accessories are those that outlive the wedding day. Although neither borrowed nor blue, the look of bejeweled hair is the essential “something new.”

unnamed copy

Add a touch of sparkle to a white or ivory wedding dress (go for the gold…)


Two especially intricate pieces from Fab’rik.

Planning my hair for the wedding has been one of the most enjoyable tasks on the list. I recommend that brides take time to research different hairstyles and seek inspiration from those who have already taken a particularly fabulous walk down the aisle. Most importantly, I advise arranging a hair consultation with your preferred stylist at least three months before the wedding (extensions may need that much time to be ordered).

As learned from the comical yet frightening scene in Bride Wars, hair is not something brides can afford to wing. Whether brides choose to accent their hair with or without jewels, all brides must wear their invisible crowns down the aisle.


No stylist required.

Photo credit: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/242209286182585913/


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