October 27, 2014

Say Yes To the Dress- Bridesmaids Edition

When I asked four beauties to join me down the aisle, I promised to avoid bows, ruffles, and obviously unfortunate colors. Without hesitation, they all said “yes!” The easiest part was over. Stay tuned for a post on the creative ways I proposed to each of my bridesmaids.

But first, the drama of selecting the ideal bridesmaid dress…

Surprisingly, the search for the winning bridesmaid dress was just as eventful as the hunt for my bridal gown! Although only my bridesmaids will see the dress I’ve chosen before the big day, I’m open to sharing my slightly dramatic shopping experience with fellow posh brides.

Think BIG picture.

In most cases, bridesmaids will have different body types, hair colors, and of course personal preferences. One of my bridesmaids announced her refusal to wear a halter dress before I had even stepped foot in the first store. Many brides wish to take their bridesmaids with them on the search. I chose instead to shop with the mother of the bride, who has an incredible eye for fashion and a fabulous attitude with every aspect of wedding planning. As a bride who knows her beautiful bridesmaids quite well, I tried on dress after dress questioning whether the shape, length, and color would be complimentary to all. I always asked myself, “well would I be happy wearing this dress down the aisle?” If the answer was “no,” or perhaps a “yes “with slight hesitation, I moved on to the next option. I probably tried on twenty-seven dresses.

In all fairness, I do believe there are certain preferences that should be considered when choosing one dress expected to be worn with love by all. With that said, the more bridesmaids in a bridal party, the less chance the bride has of satisfying each belle in the ball.


Keep this in mind: there is a high probability that some of your bridesmaids have once upon a time or two worn a nightmare down the aisle. Don’t let your choice of dress collect dust in the closet after the wedding. #MakeItStylish #MakeItMemorable

Photo Credit: http://goodwillwatching.com/should-i-watch-it-27-dresses-2008/

Posh brides, keep in mind the option of choosing a color and letting the bridesmaids select their own dresses. I was a recent bridesmaid in a wedding where every gal could choose the style of dress with the exception of color (black) and length (gown). Such fashionable freedom added character down the aisle without losing the elegance of coordination. Although I loved this idea, I opted for a more uniform look with a hint of color and the opportunity for each bridesmaid to add their own accents.

Choose COLOR with Confidence.

Many brides choose one color for the entire affair, from the bridal party all the way to the napkins at the reception. That’s my kind of bride. When posh brides find the perfect bridesmaid dress, request a color swatch from the store. I was able to send a swatch to the mother of the groom, grandmothers and some others in the wedding party, so that everyone could shop with a similar color in mind.

bridesmiads body types

A clash could be disastrous.

Photo credit: http://mercinewyork.com/blog/2011/05/08/bridesmaids-blog-tour-merci-new-york-shares-a-sneak-peek/

Narrow down possibilities with LENGTH.

In the fashion of a black tie affair, I decided that all my bridesmaids would wear evening gowns. However, on a recent episode of Say Yes to the Dress– Bridesmaids Edition, I watched a bride who chose a cocktail dress for all of her bridesmaids with the exception of the maid of honor, who wore a full-length gown. I thought this approach was rather clever, if the bridesmaids don’t mind a little bit of favoritism.

dress shopping bridesmaids

Avoid the battle between short and long.

Photo Credit: http://mercinewyork.com/blog/2011/05/08/bridesmaids-blog-tour-merci-new-york-shares-a-sneak-peek 

Allow an ACCENT.

Although I selected one particular dress for all four bridesmaids, I did let the girls choose whether or not their gown would have straps. In addition, my bridesmaids will choose their own thin belts, perhaps pearls or jewels, to accent each waistline. I am also considering altering hairstyles so that the bridesmaid who absolutely cannot wear her hair up has the option of showing off her long flowing locks. Considering personal preferences makes a huge difference!


This dress was runner-up (right style, wrong color).

Easy ACCESS to all bridesmaids.

I was very lucky to find the perfect bridesmaid dress at a store with various locations throughout the country. The list of Bella Bridesmaids stores covered each of my bridesmaids from New York City to Nashville. However, if posh brides happen to find their dream dress in a boutique with one location, the bridesmaids can simply provide their measurements, and each dress can be shipped and tailored for the big day

Most importantly…don’t OBSESS over the Dress.

Although posh brides will always care about how each girl feels walking down the aisle, too much stress negates the purpose of having bridesmaids. Don’t allow the daunting task of selecting bridesmaids dresses cloud the excitement of having best friends and family by your side. You only get ONE day to be a Bride, and countless opportunities to be a bridesmaid. Katherine Heigl knows best – you could be a bridesmaid on twenty-seven different occasions. #yikes.


It all works out in the end.

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