November 2, 2014

Every Bride Needs “Something Blue”

In the process of wedding planning, I constantly reference the famous English rhyme, “Something Olde, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue, A Sixpence in your Shoe.” This catchy rhyme unites brides in their search to accessorize with meaning. The trends have surely changed since the days when a bride would wear a sixpence in her shoe as dowry for the groom. As a bride-to-be, in an especially fashionable time, it has come to my attention that “something blue” can easily become something outrageous. Let’s take a look at a few trending bridal blues, some of which are subtle, and all of which are sensational.

Are French nails out this bridal season?

Brides are most often seen with French manicures and light pink pedicures. However, I wonder whether some posh brides would consider painting their nails, toes or possibly both a shade of blue? (Mother of the bride, if you are reading this, please don’t panic!) If brides prefer to leave their nails a light pink, perhaps adding a touch of blue sparkles would fulfill “something blue?”


I call this a subtle dusting of “something blue”

Photo credit: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/315181673894271219/

SomeBLING blue.

Over the past few weeks, JB has been talking about what type of wedding band he may want. I think he’s beginning to crave a ring on his finger too (glad he finally understands the feeling)! I was of course thrilled to escort my groom on the hunt for his and hers wedding bands.

We had a particularly memorable experience in Savannah’s famous Levy Jewelers, where we tried on various styles of engagement bands. While JB was busy debating the width of a 4mm verses a 5mm band, I wandered over to a more shiny display case. I have always admired wedding bands with delicate diamonds circling the finger. While browsing, I remembered an antique sapphire wedding band that my grandmother frequently wears. Although my first inclination was to choose a band with diamonds, I am now considering the beauty and significance of blue stones.


Wedding bands are supposed to be worn closest to the heart. Dare to dazzle with blue stones?

Photo credit: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/309692911845818617/

The bluest bridesmaid of them all.

I love spotting wedding parties where each bridesmaid wears a different shade of blue down the aisle. If brides are still in the process of choosing a color scheme, perhaps consider “something blue” as a token of love from the bridesmaids. A blue bridal party is a clever way to represent the principles of marriage referenced in the rhyme. After all, bridesmaids are selected because they are the most loving and loyal of them all!



This elegant wedding offers more than a little “something blue.” (the shoes are my favorite!)

Photo credit: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/15410823700278204/

Always save the best for last… 

Once I found the dress of my dreams (stay tuned for more details), I was determined to find a classic, flat shoe that would essentially hide under the “wow” of my dress. That plan didn’t last very long. Even though my dress is fashion forward, and very much the opposite of simplistic, I plan to let my shoes make a statement of their own.

And so my bridal shoe search began…and still continues.

How high is too high?

Depending on the height of your groom and how dainty you feel walking in heels, I recommend settling on the conservative end of the stiletto spectrum. Why not save the shortest dress and highest heels for the bachelorette party? It might be the only occasion where a bride can fall with little shame.

A tumble down the aisle, however, is something this bride is unwilling to risk. I am grateful that my father, who will be walking me down the aisle, is one of the strongest men I know. And so, regardless of which heels I choose, I will be gripping my dads arm as he escorts me to my groom. Brides should feel confident that their shoes will help them gracefully walk down the aisle, stand still for “I Do’s” and dance the night away! They must be both fashionable and functional.

If the shoe fits…consider them in blue.

As my search continues, I remain open minded to the possibility of a white or ivory shoe with crystals, feathers or other specifically blue accents. At this very moment, I am eyeing one pair with just the right touch of blue. Here’s my dilemma: will I ever wear these beauties again? If brides decide to invest in a glamorous shoe, make sure they are a smart addition to the current collection. Unless you are Keira Knightley (pictured below), most brides do not recycle their wedding dresses. Luckily, no such rule applies to shoes.393e123d50b96af34d99511c55194955

Even if your dress was Chanel would you wear it again… and again? #ShouldBridesRecycle?

Photo credit: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/309552174360551054/

Here’s a posh idea: Pick a bridal shoe that is over the top special with a heel, sole, or sparkly detail to capture “something blue.” After the big day, wear these shoes on each wedding anniversary to relive your walk down the aisle, and the many hours spent dancing with confidence and style. If you are a particularly traditional bride, don’t forget to remove the sixpence from your left shoe. (Fun Fact: although no longer the seventeenth century, brides can still purchase a sixpence for the big day!)

In honor of the most famous bridal rhyme, how do posh brides plan to maximize “something blue?”


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