November 3, 2014

There’s no “MY” in Wedding.

I thought it might be wise to kick off the week with some genuine advice from     one bride to another. With six months left until the big day, I am constantly in planning mode. So where does all of this leave my sweet groom, who often comes home to messy mood boards, wedding magazines and that “virus” called Pinterest consuming his computer screen?

Although I know we are both equally ecstatic about the wedding, I remain considerably more intense about each detail. Unfortunately, Bridezilla reared her blonde head quite early in the planning process. Here are two mistakes every bride must avoid:

#1) When speaking about the wedding, I would repeatedly say, “my wedding” to which JB would respond, “wait, am I invited?” Correction: It’s always “our” wedding.

#2) I once, very dramatically, told JB his main role in the planning process consisted of showing up on the big day. It’s a fairly simple responsibility, unless of course your groom is Mr. Big from Sex and the City.


Every Brides Worst Nightmare.

Photo credit: http://www.historiann.com/2008/06/02/historianncom-exclusive-satctm-the-review/

Luckily, my groom does not share Mr. Big’s cold feet and commitment issues. In fact, if JB was any movie character he would certainly be Noah from The Notebook.

unnamed copy 2

Noah would never leave Allie at the altar. Who knew Halloween costumes could inspire weddings?

While at Officer’s Development School this past summer, JB would sneak his phone to make sure he was up-to-date on meetings with the florist and the venue. Month’s later JB’s desire to remain included in wedding planning has not wavered. Take note of an e-mail received just last week with the subject line “cake.”


Seriously, Sarah? This bride has to be more in tune with her groom!

If only I had showed JB the entire mood board dedicated to cake options, cake toppers, and potential ingredients. Last week I spotted a cake in The Knot Magazine made entirely of crepes and fresh berries! He just might love this idea.

unnamed copy

Check out LaelCakes.com 

Obviously, both the bride and groom play crucial roles in preparation for the big day. Since there truly is no “I” in team, and no “me” in wedding, I advise all brides to kick bridezilla to the curb before it’s too late.

Last week when JB returned home from work, the mood boards and wedding magazines were out of sight. I also created a file on our laptop dedicated to bridal pinning so that Pinterest no longer invaded the desktop. When JB opened the door he found a very personal invitation to participate in our wedding plans with His and Hers vow books.


Etsy is a Brides Best Friend. (These beautiful vow books are made by The Paper Walrus)

As a bride-to-be I have learned that the best planning is accomplished when the other half of the ceremony is on board. Although one person may spend more time planning than the other, it takes two to say “I Do.” This week I am taking a break from outside sources to draw my own inspiration for the special words I will share with my groom on OUR wedding day.


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