November 22, 2014

Planning the Engagement Photo Shoot

Over Thanksgiving weekend I have scheduled an exciting engagement shoot. In an effort to prepare, I have been looking at inspirational engagement photos to get a sense of potential backdrops, corny angles for kissing, and the sought after romantic poses that have consumed my Pinterest board. Like many brides-to-be, I am planning this photo shoot as a trial for our wedding photographer. Will our photographer capture the romantic ambience of a bride and groom-to-be to our liking? Is her vision in line with our dream wedding photos? We will see what happens when the camera starts to click.

If there is one word that encapsulates my wedding planning thus far, it would trial. In order to avoid last minute worry, put your makeup artist, hair stylist, wedding planner, caterer, and photographer to the test well before the big day. My motto from the past few posts still remains #dontwingit.

Here are a few thoughts to share in preparation for engagement photo shoots…

Be half the Diva you would be on your wedding day. 

Certainly engagement shoots do not require the FULL glam squad every bride needs on their big day. With that said, a couples photo shoot is an ideal opportunity to test potential hair and makeup styles, if trials can be arranged. Unfortunately my makeup artist is out of town for Thanksgiving weekend. With that said, I plan on visiting my hair stylist on the day of the shoot for a consultation and the picture perfect blowout. I know some brides-to-be opt for a more spontaneous engagement shoot wearing outdoorsy, seemingly unplanned outfits with their hair blowing effortlessly in the wind. I even spotted a recent photo shoot where the bride and groom-to-be staged a romantic pillow fight with feathers flying in between their kisses. Although these shoots are definitely frame worthy, I am the type of bride-to-be who plans with far too much intensity for impromptu photo shoots.


This is the type of shot I imagine.

Photo credit: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/52002570672873252/

Consider the purpose of your engagement photos.

When planning for our engagement shoot, the photographer asked us to consider our end goal and use for these photos. Aft first, I thought, “well doesn’t every couple schedule an engagement shoot as part of the grand wedding plan?” Some brides-to-be snap photos for the excitement of owning and framing professional photos. Others, use the photos as cheerleaders to announce their engagement. Most recently, I learned a particularly creative use for engagement photos: Save the Dates! My cousin Keith is marrying his beautiful fiancé, Ashley, this coming May. We recently received a Save the Date in the mail composed from their adorable engagement shoot. The professional postcard remains on my fridge as a reminder of their wedding date and constant photo inspiration.


I love this idea…and the backdrop is simply breathtaking!

Be true to your groom.

As much as I have been bugging JB to consider certain poses, in addition to wearing a tie, I do believe the best photos are organic. Depending on the weather, we are hoping to snap our shots in Central Park or perhaps the hills of my hometown in New Jersey. Despite the temptation to plan hair, wardrobe and scenic backdrop, I know when the camera approaches, I will embrace my groom with far less structure than anticipated-even if he is wearing his favorite, far too old, flannel shirt!

Here’s the best part of engagement photos…


They beat every selfie.

Stay tuned for a follow-up post with pictures on Posh Petals and Pearls!


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