December 11, 2014

Something Old

I always love to hear stories about brides who acquire treasures for their special day from previous generations. In an upcoming post I plan to reveal my choice of “something borrowed,” but first let me share a very unique story of “something old” from somewhere very far away.

When my grandmother returned from a recent trip to Belgium, she brought back a selection of bridal goodies. In a previous post, I mentioned an elaborate antique pillow with pearls, which my adorable ring bearer will use on the big day. The next gift was unwrapped and received with thoughtful hesitation.

Here is the photograph and story behind a framed doily of a bride and groom that will grace a wall in my new home after our wedding day.


two images of “something old” with a riveting story.

When my grandmother exited the antique store, she saw an elderly lady setting up shop in an attempt to sell some of her possessions. The woman explained that this lace doily was made by her own mother as a wedding gift many years ago. Although passed down to her daughter, at this point, the lace would be of most value in the hands of another bride.

And so, the bridal antique traveled from Belgium to New Jersey…

When I first took hold of the framed doily I felt uneasy about accepting a gift that wasn’t intended for my wedding. Although intricate and beautiful, I was now the owner of someone else’s bridal charm. I ended up accepting my grandmother’s gift with a sincere responsibility; I promised to pass on the story of a complete stranger who was once a young bride with the prospect of a fruitful marriage.

Although I will never meet the previous owners of the doily, we share a connection as brides. The framed lace will be used as “something old” in honor of a distant shopkeeper who proved that although wedding gifts are exciting, the real symbol of marriage is loyalty and endurance in the face of prosperity and hardship.

~Written with admiration for bride somewhere in Belgium~


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