December 12, 2014

Walking Down the Garden

When I imagined my wedding as a young girl, I always closed my eyes and replayed my walk down the aisle. There is something magical about the moment when the bride walks toward the groom surrounded by her family, friends and escorted by her loving father.

In the upcoming months I will meet with my hometown florist to discuss the options for creating the aisle of my dreams. Since the ceremony will take place on the grounds just outside our venue (weather permitting), I plan on describing my vision to the florist as a white garden. I imagine crisp white petals with gold accents creating a trail down the aisle.

Below are a few images that have inspired my vision…

Option 1: White Wonderland 


The first picture was taken from the elegant wedding planners at Posh Petals and Pearls who have fueled my passion for the bridal industry. I recently spotted this photo on their instagram account, and was immediately captivated by their use of simplistic white petals in combination with the flawless backdrop, specific to the charm of Savannah. The look, although subtle, is overwhelmingly beautiful. Since our wedding will be in New Jersey on June 20th, which is coincidently the longest day of the year, the natural nighttime backdrop is simply unattainable for the ceremony. With that said, I will remember the warming effect that soft white petals create when scattered throughout the aisle. If you don’t already follow @poshpetalsandpearls for wedding inspiration, what are you waiting for?

Option 2: White with a touch of Whimsical


The second picture was captured at my wedding venue, the Pleasantdale Château. Since the aisle will be set on grass, for the sake of my heels and those of my bridesmaids, I know we will need a runway that is both sturdy and dainty. In the picture above I am drawn to the use of white cloth, not only for the aisle, but also as draping for the chairs.

Not an Option, but Dare to Dream? 

The third and final aisle inspiration might be more practical for the type of fairytale seen in films rather than everyday weddings. Although undeniably breathtaking, Sean Parker’s wedding took the elegance of a decorated aisle from a classic garden to that of a wild, untamed forest. Aside from the fairy-like costumes created by the “Lord of the Rings” designer, Ngila Dickson, I was particularly awed by the aisle, or should I say jungle?

Here’s a link like no other:


I plan on taking the first two images from this post with me to the florist as points of inspiration. I believe the aisle, although definitely a place with fairytale potential, should remain practical for the bride, wedding party and the budget. I’ll be sure to keep posh brides-to-be posted on my plans to walk down the garden.


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