December 22, 2014

I am THE Bride

This week I am spending a few days in Florida, which has been a family holiday tradition ever since I could crawl. While unpacking suitcases my mother passed me a bridal treat in the form of a cozy pair of socks with a very clear message:


note to self around the ankle: I am THE Bride.

My mom informed me that I will have one pair to wear as I continue the planning process and another for the big day while getting glam with my family and bridesmaids. As my collection of bridal accessories continues to expand, I am beginning to think about the meaning of being THE bride and how my perception of this title changes as the wedding date grows closer.

As a bride-to-be, I believe the prized title comes with a rollercoaster of emotions, much like other major life stages such as “mother-to-be.” It signifies the dawn of a new chapter, hopefully one that is eternal with the other half of your heart, better known as the groom.

In the first few months after my engagement I was consumed by the excitement of being newly engaged and therefore a bride-to-be. I became obsessed with wearing my engagement ring and felt a sense of emptiness when it came off for showers or home cleaning. I changed the captions on all my social media platforms to read, “the future Mrs. Peterman.” I purchased almost every and any wedding knickknack with the word “bride.” While I basked in the notion of being THE bride based on a lot of sequins, crystal ring holders and superficial tokens of celebration, I never forgot the man behind the bling.

Within a few months the meaning of my newly acquired titled changed from a celebrity status to one with vividly different connotations. I was THE bride, but where was my perfectly organized checklist? Who would I choose as my wedding planner (mom, clearly)? Was I ever going to find my dream dress?

Now, six months away from the big day I have a very different feeling from that of a recently engaged gal. Although my excitement for June 20th has not dwindled, I am in a considerably different phase of being THE bride. Currently I am focusing on arranging dress fittings, hair and makeup trials and working on trimming the guest list.

This stage continues to evolve as the big day approaches. When I close my eyes and replay my walk down the aisle, I begin to think about the words my father will whisper as he hands me to my groom and the traditions of a religious ceremony that we will partake in as husband and wife.

Ultimately, I am THE bride and the many stages of my title, although sometimes challenging, are all wonderful and memorable!

~Mom, thank you for the inspirational socks!~


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