January 6, 2015

Say No to the Uni-Moon

While browsing The Huffington Post’s Wedding articles online, I stumbled upon a very odd option for honeymooning known as the uni-moon. Author Bill Powers defined the solo vacation as “one of those terrible modern trends of taking individual honeymoons attached to work trips.” Basically, in this situation, the newlyweds work schedules did not coincide, leaving Mr. Powers in Paris and the Mrs. in the Dominican Republic.

Here’s the full article, with an important moral at the end: the uni-moon was a major wake-up call for the newly married couple.


Truthfully, I can’t wrap my head around the possibility of anything solo regarding weddings. I am on board with other modern wedding trends such as dance classes, and creating a hashtag for the guests of honor so that all instagram pictures can be located in one happy place. (Every wedding must be documented on social media, right?)

Of course, my negativity regarding the uni-moon is long-lived. It all started in a previous Posh Petals and Pearls post where I voted for a joint bachelor and bachelorette party. Months later, I have come to terms with the benefits of separate parties for the bride and groom-to-be, and have begun planning an epic girl’s night out with my bridesmaids and close friends.

Although my mind has changed regarding premarital celebrations, a honeymoon without my honey remains unfathomable.

I was particularly appalled by the uni-moon trend since I learned of it while planning our romantic getaway. However, for the first few conversations with my groom-to-be it seemed as though JB might opt to travel separately, considering our visions of the ideal honeymoon left us on different continents. JB would be perfectly content spearfishing on an exotic island, while I imagine us touring museums and taking selfies among the ancient ruins of somewhere stunning with an entertaining tour guide.


JB would like to be tree level, while I prefer sea level.

And so, as of right now, we are looking into a possible destination in Italy that combines adventure, touring and relaxation with the potential for water sports. Although we are still in the process of finalizing the location and activities, one thing is for certain- there will be no uni-mooning of any kind!


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