January 23, 2015

To Splurge or not to Splurge?

…that is the question.

As the wedding date grows closer, I am continuously asked how planning is coming along. As a blissful bride, I tend to answer that question by commenting on the larger tasks, most of which are near completion. These include saying “yes” to the dress, picking a venue, designing invitations, selecting bridesmaid dresses and securing a memorable band.

With that said, there is always another detail on the wedding checklist. For instance, even though the invitations have been selected, we are still in the process of debating a hand calligrapher verses machine calligraphy. Will we order custom stamps or opt for a more traditional style? Even though my dress is currently being made, I have yet to find a flattering veil and attend the first of three fittings. Additionally, although my hair stylist and makeup artist have been confirmed, the upcoming mock trials will determine whether they share my vision. Despite my love of sparkles and bright lips, I tend to apply my own makeup in a similar manner to wedding planning; I proceed with caution, since less is often much more.

In the wedding spirit of “something old” I have turned to Shakespeare for this blog post’s inspiration. The renowned expression, “To be or not to be,” from the play Hamlet will be used in a completely different context as brides-to-be must ask themselves, “to splurge or not to splurge?”

Here’s my guide for brides-to-be who wish to splurge within reason…

Wedding gown: Shakespeare might say, “to splurge!”

I will always remember the day I found the dress of my dreams with my incredible mom. After closing the door on seven boutiques, I found one dress that exceeded all expectations. Saying “yes” to the dress was the second task to be completed on my wedding list after securing the venue. I recommend that brides-to-be spend a considerable amount of time in search of their dream dresses. I have learned that there are plenty of wedding details worth settling for the second best option. A bride’s wedding gown, in my opinion, is well worth the splurge. In the world of fashion I tend to favor the classic pieces in my wardrobe which never seem to go out of style. In the world of weddings, however, wearing a gown on a single occasion leaves everlasting impressions.

Flowers: Shakespeare might say, “not to splurge!”

Although I could spend hours in a beautiful garden, I have come to realize the extensive prices of one too many posh petals. We are currently in conversation with my hometown florist to discuss the best options for creating a romantic ambience of a rose garden, without overwhelming the venue and favoring one area. For example, although I have my heart set on a rose covered aisle, I plan on limiting the number of petals and placing graceful greenery around the wedding party and marriage officiant. I would prefer splurging on flowers in the ballroom, rather than overwhelming the decor for the ceremony. After all, the most important part of walking down the aisle is saying “I Do.”

I am still in the process of selecting the ideal bouquet. Most importantly, I want to avoid anything over the top that could compete or clash with my dress. With that said, a splash of color against a white dress could be quite pretty. My next appointment with the florist is coming up in February- I’ll keep Posh Petal and Pearl readers posted on my final decisions.

The Band: Shakespeare might say, “to splurge!” 

When I think of the big day (everyday), there are two vivid moments that I constantly replay. The first, which I have mentioned countless times, is the heartfelt and incredibly emotional moment when my father escorts me down the aisle. The second occurs when I waltz into the ballroom with my groom as Mr. and Mrs. Peterman. I can already envision my friends and family surrounding the dance floor smiling, dancing and waving their arms in celebration. The band will be instrumental in creating and maintaining an exciting energy throughout the evening.

We want our wedding to be a constant celebration with uplifting voices and instruments that have the power to draw any and every guest to the dance floor. For those who may be attending the Drew-Peterman affair, don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. Ladies- I am currently searching for the perfect, sparkly, two-inch heels. When the bride chooses to splurge on the band, rather than high heels, it is clear that dancing and singing with the guests of honor is most important.

To be honest, my English professors at Barnard would most likely cringe at my transformation of Shakespeare’s words for use in this weeks post. Considering Shakespeare chose men to play the role of women on stage, I doubt he could relate to the modern day challenges of wedding planning from the perspective of a bride. Regardless of his potential opinions, it’s necessary to think about each task while being mindful of the other expenses on the list. Brides-to-be should ask themselves and consult with their grooms as to whether certain details are worth the splurge. For some women, extensive flower arrangements might trump the dress. Perhaps when I visit the florist in February, my outlook on trimming down the petals will change. However brides and grooms-to-be decide to splurge, it’s imperative to move through the motions of wedding planning with caution.


Dedicated to an incredible poet, playwright and actor with enchanting prose.

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