January 27, 2015

Grooms deserve spotlight, too

Since I am in full force wedding mode, I am constantly dwelling on the next task to conquer. Many of the major decisions such as our venue, invitations and flowers have been made as a couple. However, a few weeks ago, I learned that not all details on the massive wedding checklist require both parties. In fact, believe it or not, there are certain things that are beyond bridal territory.

Here are a few examples, all of which I learned the hard way… 

Tux Shopping

I’ve always believed in the classic rule that the groom should not see the bride’s dress until their wedding day. Although there are often exceptions made on Kleinfeld’s famous show, I favor the traditional reveal. About two weeks ago, JB went on his excursion to find the perfect tux. Apparently I was equally as prepared for the outing, since I jumped in the car and began to brainstorm his potential look. Although I would consider myself a fashionista, I know very little about a gentleman’s evening attire, and cannot explain the difference between a notched lapel and a peak lapel. Those words are certainly not in my bridal vocabulary. And so, when we finally entered the store, I decided to browse the ladies section and let the men circle around JB to discuss fashion, tailoring and custom fit. Later on in the process, JB asked my opinion on certain accessories such as the color and pattern of his bow tie. If I could do it all over again I would have stayed home for this special episode of “Say Yes to the Tux”.


Let your handsome groom prepare for his own big reveal! (look how happy he is!) 

Bachelor Banter

After planning our wedding for over a year, I have learned that bridesmaids and groomsmen speak in very different languages. A few nights ago I found JB enjoying a good laugh while reading a wedding themed e-mail. His best man had apparently listed an array of options for the bachelor party, from those of least risk to those with the highest risk (thanks, Eric). Alarm bells immediately went off in my head when I realized that my bachelorette at the spa would probably be comparable to his groomsmen skydiving. When I asked JB to list the possible locations, particularly those with the highest “risks,” he politely told me to focus on my own party. Ouch.


Apparently, bro time does not involve the bride.

Man Bands

Throughout the wedding band shopping process, I had my heart set on an eternity style to match my engagement ring. I also mistakenly voiced my opinion regarding JB’s forever band. In my mind his band was gold, not realizing that this color would clash with his watch and everyday style. Ultimately, after JB explored options at multiple jewelers, he was so excited to choose a simple, yet masculine band.

Before wedding planning began I never thought tuxedos and jewelry would be of any concern to my groom. Once again, I was very wrong. I advise brides to let their grooms try on and select the wedding band of their choice. At the end of the day, as long as JB is wearing a ring (which means he is absolutely taken), I will remain impartial to the style and color.


Brides-to-be, save your opinions for engraving! I’m a fan of the saying, “put me back on!”

Photo credit: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/506584658056169130/

After learning the hard way regarding JB’s tuxedo, crazy bachelor plans and preferred wedding band, I understand why brides are often labeled bridezillas by their future spouses. Since every wedding involves a tremendous amount of work, I advise that brides-to-be allow their future hubbies to handle the three details outlined above. After all, every groom deserves a little bit of spotlight and pampering without sight or sound of their beloved bride.


  1. Selma Krantzow

    January 27th, 2015 at 4:53 pm

    So much fun sharing your plans JB and Sarah……..Love, Selma

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