February 6, 2015

Pnina Tornai, please.

My love for Pnina Tornai wedding gowns began over five years ago when my cousin Bryan married Jamie, one of my favorite gals. As the years progress, more people say we look alike, without realizing that Jamie is actually married into the Drew clan.


Meet Jamie: she’s a beauty inside and out!

Regardless of our potentially similar features, we definitely share a love of high fashion. Most importantly, as a bride and a bride-to-be, we have both sewn a special place in our hearts for Pnina Tornai and her incredible collection of wedding wear. My wedding gown is inspired by Jamie’s couture dress which is impossible to forget. Take a look at two images of her gown below which stole the evening and most definitely stole the heart of her groom!


A gorgeous Pnina bride…everything about this dress is grand, including the groom’s emotional reaction at the big reveal!

Exclusive to Kleinfeld Bridal, Pnina Tornai is often seen on the famous television program, “Say Yes to the Dress.” After watching countless marathons of each season, I have come to realize a trend when searching for the perfect Pnina. Most brides-to-be enter the store with the burden of their own expectations. Take myself for example: before I even tried on the first white dress, I was convinced that my body would look best in a mermaid style with minimal jewels, patterns or embellishments. The one and only Pnina gown I put on with hesitation was flawless and ironically the complete opposite of my “dream” dress. When I tried on the dress that satisfied my initial requirements, I felt like a young bride-to-be wearing a matronly nightgown. Thankfully, my mom was with me at every boutique to play the brutally honest, yet necessary, role of fashion police.

With the help of my mom, the staff at Kleinfeld Bridal and Pnina’s outrageous collection, almost a full year later, I remain obsessed with my dress. Pnina’s designs and fashion forward style for modern day brides have influenced other details in my planning process. On a daily basis I find myself returning to the hidden picture of my dress. Pnina has motivated me to hit the gym with realistic goals. Since my dress accentuates certain body parts more than others, I have concentrated on toning the target areas that will show both down the aisle and on the dance floor.

I encourage all future brides to follow Pnina Tornai for wedding inspiration: (@pninatornai). Although the big reveal is most special between the bride and groom, I can’t wait for my cousin to lay eyes on my dress! I am sure Jamie will recognize certain features of her own gown and realize that she has been both a role model and a fashion icon in my life. Not only did we both say “yes” to the dress, but we absolutely said “yes” to Pnina!


Dedicated to my stunning cousin who has always felt more like a sister. Jamie- even though you’re already married, it’s never too late to consider modeling Pnina!


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