February 14, 2015

The Opulence of Oscar De La Renta

Last week, my passion for all things bridal and fashion collided in a garden of flowers and notorious fabrics. I visited the SCAD Museum of Art with my best friend and bridesmaid, Alexa, who traveled south to grab a hug and step into the Savannah scene. Earlier in the week, I spotted a mention of Oscar de la Renta on the designer’s PR instagram (@oscarprgirl) with an airplane emoji and a caption reading, “Savannah bound.” Who would have thought?


The exquisite work of Oscar de la Renta will be on display from February 4- May 3.

When I entered the exhibit, I felt as if I had stepped into the fashion forward pages of Vogue in exploration of a legendary past.

Apparently Vogue had literally stepped into Savannah. (I walked past that same dress hours before Ms. Wintour)!


This photo was taken from Andre Leon Talley’s instagram, @andreltalley. Mr. Talley is a contributing editor at Vogue, author of Valentino: At the Emperor’s Table and a beloved SCAD trustee. A special thanks to Mr. Talley for curating such an opulent exhibit in the heart of a city that is underrated for its fashion and creative energy.

As a bride-to-be with a continuous appreciation for talented designers, I am ecstatic that the work of Oscar de la Renta has landed in my current city. Although I spent ample time viewing each dress (star struck by signs which read, “worn by Beyoncé”), I was, as expected, most captivated by the bridal collection.

Every Posh Petal and Pearl bride would appreciate the elegance of the exhibit. I was particularly drawn to one dress in the bridal display which reminded me of floating flowers and shares a slight resemblance to my wedding gown. Although similar, I will admit that my gown is a bit more trendy and less, shall we say, timeless.

Here’s a poignant example of Oscar de la Renta’s untouchable vision:


I am still in awe. Posh Petal and Pearl brides: what are your thoughts?

Despite my unquestionable love for Pnina Tornai, I would have gladly switched places with any of the bridal mannequins in this exhibit. Oscar de la Renta’s attention to detail and subtle illusion elevates the fabric from a beautiful wedding gown to a masterpiece, most fitting for a museum.

Aside from the dresses, I was also inspired by the décor of the display, such as the soft white bridal carriage and rosy, delicately dripping flowers which led visitors both in and out of the exhibit.


Thankfully, I toured this exhibit before meeting with my florist! #poshpetals

If brides-to-be are looking for the ideal Valentine’s day activity in Savannah with their fiancé, I highly recommend a visit to this exhibit. I plan on returning at least twice before its conclusion in May. Famous designers and masterminds of fashion rarely display their work with such freedom to the public. Andre Leon Talley’s tribute to Oscar de la Renta has officially influenced my big day.


snapped just outside the SCAD Museum of Art.

~Dedicated to the one and only Alexa- you are a fabulous friend, baller bridesmaid and sensationally stylish. I will always remember our walk through the ODLR showroom!~


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