May 22, 2015

Brides who Brunch



The morning after our wedding my parents will be hosting a brunch for family and friends who have stayed the night. Since the Chateau will cater our brunch, we have a very rigid timeline to follow. Guests will be brunching from 9:00AM-11: 30AM, allowing the team ample time to prepare for their next big event. Although hard to admit, saying goodbye to my bridal palace is inevitable. There’s always another bride who needs to get ready!

I am thrilled that we will be concluding our wedding weekend with a brunch. Guests can reminisce on the highlights of the evening, mingle with those they may not have seen during the reception, and savor the energy of the wedding over much needed coffee.

Brunch is the last hurrah of the wedding weekend!

Here are two specific questions that I debated while planning our post-wedding brunch.

Should the entire guest list be invited to brunch?

Depends on the venue. In our case, those who are staying over in the Petit Chateau or the hotel nearby are certainly invited. Guests may wish to grab a bite and snap one last photo before making the trip home. There will be some guests, however, who choose to spend their Sundays recovering and celebrating Father’s Day without a bridal breakfast. Each bride should base her brunch list on the size of venue, guest accommodations, date of wedding weekend and overall budget.

Should the bride brunch casually?

There is only one bride (at a time). Why shouldn’t she approach each affair from the rehearsal dinner to the farewell brunch as if going to the Oscars? I have three very different outfits prepared for the weekend of June 20th. While my brunch attire is nowhere near the level of my gown, it’s playful, put together and vibrant. I’m using brunch as an opportunity to wear something aside from traditional white. Some brides, however, commit to wearing white from beginning to end. Although this isn’t my wardrobe plan, I happen to love the idea!

So brides, how will you brunch?


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