July 7, 2015

June 20th, 2015


June 20th, 2015 was enchanting, slightly rainy, blurry and completely unforgettable. Naturally, I didn’t sleep the night before. Shuteye was nearly impossible; every attempt to slumber was disrupted by my restless imagination.

People say the wedding day passes at lightning speed. One moment the bride steps into the dress, while the next she’s waiting patiently for a bustle and touching up for the reception. Before too long she extends goodnight gestures with slightly torn tool and neglected blisters. As a recent Posh Petal and Pearls bride-to-be turned wife, I want to share a few unexpected suggestions for those who may soon fill my sparkly shoes.

Take a morning moment.

One of my best friends, a wife of three years, shared the same piece of advice every time we talked wedding. On the morning of my day, she encouraged me to sneak to a nearby window, alone, to gaze outside. I should take a moment to reflect as a sort of calm before the storm.

Quite literally, I starred at the dark clouds. At first, I prayed for sun and minimal humidity. After a few moments, I sighed at the sky and realized that the weather was insignificant. Thank you Jamie for insisting on a moment of tranquility and thank you Grandma Gladys for constantly reminding me that rain on a wedding day is lucky.

Prepare to be pampered.

Although challenging, a bride should do as little as possible on her day. As soon as I stepped into my bridal suite, my shoes, jewelry and dress were escorted to safety (for fear of red wine). I received my bridal robe and imaginary tiara. My pedestal for the day was the glamorous makeup chair.


Some of my favorite moments from June 20th took place in the pink suite of the Pleasantdale Chateau with team bride. The laughter, squeals and pictures distracted my nervous jitters

The magnificent team bride.


Book a dresser, right now.

At my last fitting I remember looking at my mother and asking, “Will you be able to bustle this complicated flowery dress?” Apparently, that’s the job of a dresser.

Every bride and her entourage need Edna.

What does a dresser do, one might ask? Edna is a one-woman team. She’s the fashion police, tailor and magician. She comes equipped with the most unexpected bells and whistles. Who knew my shoulders would need protective padding to ease the burden of my intricate straps? Tea tree spray was applied to my feet before putting on my heels to create a numbing sensation. My veil was steamed (more than once). Occasionally Edna wandered over to the groom’s wing to assist with tux ironing, bow ties and pocket square symmetry. When it was finally show time, all four groomsmen needed fashion help as much as they needed direction. The only chaotic moments of the day happened when Edna temporarily ditched the bridal party for the boys.

Let the Petals fall.

Although meaningful, flower arrangements rarely last. When I receive a beautiful vase of flowers from my groom I hold onto each petal for one too many days, overwatering and eventually destroying my own gift. Thankfully, our wedding flowers were put together on-site without the help of the bride.

Thank you Jerry Rose for creating art with each petal. I loved how my bridal bouquet dripped flowers. The border of white petals on each side of the aisle was a soft, romantic touch.

At the end of the evening when guests sneak out the door leaving trails of petals behind them, the florist has clearly done something right.

Standing underneath my dream Chuppah.


Pretend it’s just two.

Although June 20th is still a big, blissful blur, I do remember one moment with precise detail. I was seconds away from walking down the aisle when I looked up into the eyes of my dad. Since I started as I star in his eye, my dad knew exactly what I needed; as the doors opened to the ceremony he held my arm tightly and said, “Don’t worry, I’m not letting you go.” Although, moments later he would “give me away,” my father was right beside me, our arms intertwined, lifting me down the aisle.

Brides- let your father, mother or special guardian guide you until the aisle is no longer. At that point, take the hand of your groom and zoom in on just you two.

Dance and then Dance.

Maximize time on the dance floor! If a bride hears her favorite song, she should excuse herself from the obligatory family photo. As much as I love to move, shake and join the happy Hora at weddings, I regretfully missed a few beats from my own evening. Don’t let the band act as background noise.


Typically I end my pieces with words of bridal wisdom. However, for this post, I have decided to conclude with select, sweet images from the evening, courtesy of the talented Teri Slotkin:




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