July 14, 2015

A Sweetheart Honeymoon

What’s the best way to describe my first week of sunshine as Mrs. Peterman? I suppose I could refer to a scene from Bridesmaids most of us know too well. It’s that moment in the film when a completely over the top couple smooch (nose to nose) while sharing their newlywed story with Annie, a single bridesmaid.

“We went on a sweetheart honeymoon!”

Even though Disneyworld was not our destination, the One & Only Ocean Club in Nassau, Bahamas was equally picturesque. Imagine rose petals on the bed, in the bathtub and an in ice bucket filled with overflowing champagne. The kissing swans made of towels even matched the ice sculptures at our wedding venue.


Swans with shrimp in New Jersey and petals in the Bahamas.

I know, I know, it’s all too much! But, I can’t stop, just yet.

Aside from the tangible reminders of having just married, my favorite part of the honeymoon was losing track of time. Don’t be fooled- it takes a few days of hard work for the bride and groom to unwind and successfully disconnect. For the first day or two, I caught myself checking social media and responding to an inbox full of wedding wishes. I suggest locking technology in the safe along with wedding bands. Phones and diamonds do not belong on the beach.

Waking up to the sun, collision of calm waves and the taste of fresh fruit with warm croissants is true honeymoon living. When I finally let go of the noise from back home, I was able to experience the luxury of being alone on a gorgeous island with my best friend.

Eat too much.

I remember our incredibly rich appetites while on the honeymoon. Everything within reach was simply a delight to eat. One night we went to an authentic barbeque on the deck of the hotel, overlooking the ocean. Buffets are best for honeymooners. The excessive menu included local dishes such as fresh conch, rice and peas, sweet lobster, savory clam chowder and every kind of bread. Have you ever tried a pretzel bun? It’s pictured below on JB’s packed plate.

unnamed-1 (1)

Hungry yet? On our third plate I remember looking at my husband and wondering if we would find the room and courage to tackle the desert display. Not only did we conquer the cotton candy, but we also managed to sneak a piece of key lime pie back to the room, guilt-free.

Seek adventure.


Although our resort was definitely calm and quiet, we managed to make our own scene. We avoided the crowded casino over at the Atlantis and instead marched to our own beat. We parked our toes in the sand and watched the sunset from the beach almost every night. It was entertaining to pretend we were extras from one of the famous James Bond movies, Casino Royale, which happened to be filmed at our resort!

Spa just because.

Although it’s nice to clean pores, does anybody really need an “ice goddess facial?” How about the sunglow ritual? Avoid asking too many questions about the spa menu. I left the Bahamas with a perfectly, semi-fake, sun kissed glow. My sparkle started at the wedding and was definitely enhanced by Elemis products from the honeymoon spa.

Take my advice: even if the bride chooses a different treatment from the groom, insist on being pampered in the same room! It’s entertaining to look over and see your husband with cucumbers on his eyes. Of course, that’s one picture I just can’t share.


Instead, I’ll share the love!


  1. Marlene

    July 15th, 2015 at 12:11 am

    As always a beautiful story ? It is a fariry tale story. So happy that you had such a special week that you will always remember.

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