August 6, 2015

Choosing a Wedding Band: Groom Edition

I think it is fair to say that grooms areĀ much less picky and concerned with all things weddings than their brides. During my own wedding planning process I was baffled at how laid back my groom was. He rarely chimed in on the plans and graciously let me take the reins and run the show. He was involved in some of our big decisions like choosing our venue and our photographer but other than that I think he was happy to be more or less out of the loop.

During our engagement I asked him many times what kind of wedding he wanted. I remember at first he told me to buy it at Walmart (HA!) because he would probably end up scratching or losing it. He didn’t want anything nice, no diamonds, nothing flashy. But that was all the direction he gave me. Before we were even engaged I remember both of us trying on rings. Nothing caught his eye for his own band, he simply didn’t care all that much. He kept on saying that he was marrying me and that was all that mattered, he would wear whatever I picked out for him.

Knowing that my groom is a classic Southern gent I couldn’t get my brain off of him in a plain gold band. There is something so beautifully simplistic about them. Understated yet masculine. Professional and versatile. So that’s what I chose. I found one in the width I liked from a jeweler in town and bought it right away. I giggled when it came in and was so big! It fit on none of my fingers. But I was so excited to finally have it. I kept it in my boudoir and peeked at it daily, most days I tried it on. I prayed over it, over what it meant, that our marriage would be blessed and centered on Christ.

Need some inspiration for your beau? Check out a few of these rings and see if any strike your fancy. Happy ring shopping!



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