August 11, 2015

Shopping on Etsy

I love me some Etsy, let me just put it out there. While planning my own wedding I used Etsy a ton, it was almost humorous how much I trolled that site. As a lover of details I think Etsy is a great place to find unique pieces that add character to your big day. You can find anything from monogrammed cuff links to invitation templates, veils to flower girl dresses. However I must encourage brides to shop thoughtfully. Below are some tips to get the best experience and the product you desire.

Define your search: Looking for a super specific item like a 1902 postage stamp or rose gold glitter table numbers? Type exactly what you are looking for into your search. Be as specific as you can so that your search results give you what you want.

Look at production time: On a time crunch? Make sure you look at production time on each item. Some items can ship same or next day and others take days, even weeks to ship. If you fell in love with an item but the production time doesn’t quite fit your timeline message the seller and ask if they can make any adjustments to get you the product on time.

Also, look at shipping: The one thing I learned on Etsy, and learned quickly, is that many items (and usually the cheapest) are produced and shipped overseas. One item I ordered took almost two, yes two, months to arrive. Originally I was super nervous when purchasing from international merchants but I was always pleased when my items arrived. Don’t be afraid to embark in international business!

Use notes to the seller: This is where you add all the great nuggets of information that pertain to your item. Check your monograms twice, be clear with what you are asking and always reply back to a sellers question.

Shop around: Not finding your item as quickly as you hoped? Come back in a few days and search again. Many times you will find new products and some of them might be exactly what you are looking for.

Request a custom order: See something you love but one thing isn’t quite right? Lots of times sellers add the option to request a custom order so use the ‘ask a question’ option to chat with the seller about what you are looking for. They will usually create a custom product just for you!

Alright blushing brides, get searching and get shopping! Let us know some of your favorite finds! xxoo


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