November 19, 2015

Wedding Dresses: Preparation

One thing I definitely remember while planning my wedding was preparing to go wedding dress shopping. I remember combing different websites and magazines for tips and tricks, researching the designers that the boutique I was going to sold, building my Pintrest board with only the most gorgeous gowns. But one thing I did not find during my search was what to really expect, what to bring and what to prepare for. This post will only cover how to prepare to go shopping, be sure to tune into future posts for everything you need to know!

So ladies, first things first, you need to make a few decisions. These include:

Who will come with you? Bringing your whole entourage may seem appealing but proceed with caution my friends. Remember that this is already going to be a big day. Are you willing and able to bring along all your leading ladies? Just know that with them comes all their opinions and all their comments, good and bad. My personal advice is to bring a handful of meaningful ladies and/or gents. I chose my momma, grandma and maid of honor.

What is your budget? This is absolutely 100% non-negotiable. Before you hit the salon you must determine how much you are willing to drop for your gown. The bridal consultant will ask you so be prepared to give her an answer. Set a budget that is realistic but will also land you a dress of your dreams.

When will you go? Well this must be answered only after setting a wedding date. Wedding dresses takes months to make, sometimes even up to nine months, so make sure that you have plenty of lead time before going shopping. The bridal consultant will also ask your wedding date to ensure that the designer has enough time to make your gown. On a time crunch? Tell you bridal consultant and they may offer up samples that you could buy off the floor. Just remember that these are samples, so they have been tried on many times and are that one size so alterations may be tricky.

Where you will shop? Do you want to shop around and go to multiple boutiques or do you prefer a one stop shop? Do you want to shop locally or travel to a flagship store? Do your research before hand, look at a salons inventory and the designers they carry and make sure those gowns are somewhat appealing to you.

Be sure to tune into future posts where we will cover everything from undergarments to overspending!




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