December 14, 2015

Fancy Meeting You, Crystal!

We are so excited to have y’all meet sweet Crystal! Crystal is originally from Houma, LA and is a true ragin cajun, through and through. Her and her hubby Will live in Savannah with their human baby Stella Mae and fur baby Cooper Louis. Crystal’s favorite things about Savannah are how beautiful the city is, the good food and all the great friends she has made here.

Crystal’s ideal date night in Savannah: We have a baby, what is date night!?

Her favorite thing about weddings? The tiny details! The florals! Cake!

Best advice for the newly engaged couple? Get organized and get a great planner! You never realize how many details go into planning a wedding until your thrown into it. It can be overwhelming but with help and organization it can be fun!

A day in Crystal’s world: A day in my life begins with the cutest little alarm clock ever, my 9 month old daughter tells me when it’s time to start the day! In between her naps, playtime and the many many wedding emails and to do lists I make, I usually find time to make myself a meal or two. Oatmeal or Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are staples here. They keep a working mom fed and onto the next task.

All weddings should have: personal touches!

The best part of her job: Being an event coordinator has always been a dream of mine. So really being able to do this job is just the best dream come true ever! I get to plan and experience the most important and beautiful days of peoples lives. What can be better than that?!

Favorite Southern saying: “Ma colors are blush and bashful”


Erin Rene Photo IMG_9193 Minted Portrait Studios Rach Loves Troy   Ariel Renae Photography

Photo credit: Erin Rene Photography, Mint Portrait StudioRach Loves Troy Photography and Arial Renae Photography


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